Level up Staffing and Recruiting (RPO) teams with Interview Intelligence

Get insights into your interview process for better staffing outcomes

Slow placement rate or inefficient recruiting process

  • Significantly accelerate time to hire by finding the right candidates sooner, with automated insights and better evaluation.
  • Get visibility into your recruiter performance and quality.
  • Ensure recruiters are interviewing and evaluating candidates at a minimum level of consistency and compliance, just by inviting HireLogic to listen
  • Ramp up any new recruiters just by inviting HireLogic to listen, with AI-generated smart questions, interview guides, and automated insights

Client rejection rate or turnover is too high

  • Ensure minimum levels of job fit with smart interview insights
  • Validate gut instinct with objective, qualitative data, just by inviting HireLogic to listen
  • Complement tech skills testing tools with soft skill evaluation

Need differentiation from other staffing firms

  • Provide clients with detailed interview insights and qualitative scoring.
  • Capture insights during discovery and client requirement calls to ensure attention to detail and client satisfaction.
  • Provide clients with a powerful interviewing assistant to help them make more informed evaluations and hiring decisions.

Trusted by thousands of interviewers

Robert Wolf

General Manager


“HireLogic helps us have a better structure on how to do interviews, give us a better way to display information to customers, and improve how candidates experience the process.”

David Benko

Managing Director


“…our recruiting teams have seen rapid gains in productivity, visibility, and accountability in the interviewing process… quick adoption of HireLogic, thanks to its ease of use and valuable data we didn’t have before.”

Double your placement speed and lower candidate turnover

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