Take the pain out of healthcare employee interviews

Get instant feedback from healthcare employee interviews

Healthcare leaders are understaffed and overworked, and could benefit from solutions that reduce their burden

  • HireLogic provides a secure, super simple way to let hiring managers start an interview on a mobile device, and just ask questions and provide optional scoring, without having to take notes and send feedback to HR.
  • Provide interview guides and candidate resumes to busy interviewers who do not have time to prep; it’s all at their fingertips on their mobile device.

Hospital HR is also over-worked and may not have bandwidth to fully synthesize feedback from multiple interviews

  • Feedback and insights are automatically captured and sent to HR after every interview, with no need to bother the interviewers.
  • Get a centralized dashboard of all candidates, interviews, and feedback in a central location for easier, better decision making.

Healthcare hiring is ultra-competitive, where decision making efficiency can be helpful in finding and securing the best candidates

  • Provide interview guides to busy interviewers who do not have time to prep or send feedback; it’s all at their fingertips and does everything automatically.
  • HR immediately gets organized insights on the candidates to help compare and make decisions faster, even when volume is higher.
  • HR can get visibility into how interviews are conducted, with potential compliance issues being flagged.

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